Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November is here

The two tomatoes I have so far are growing very well, they look strong and healthy, hopefully we will have lots of lovely fruit. I am still hunting for an Early Money and now also a San Marzano. They are the ones you get in tins of Italian tomatoes, nice size and great for sauces and roasting in BBQs :)  No luck so far. Might have to settle for a Grafted Truss.
Made a large bean teepee, hopefully the bobica heritage Italian beans live up to the challenge, the seedlings look lush and are growing fast.
"This bean came with the Dalmatian gum diggers to the Northern gum fields in the 1800’s. It is an excellent green bean with yellow flowers which produces numerous thin pointy tasty beans. The name is pronounced Bobitza” 

Bobica bean

View with the teepee on the left

I think I counted thirteen different edible plants in this photo

The new Yen Ben lemon tree (a true lemon not a lemon mandarin cross) is flowering well and has baby fruit showing, most exciting. I managed to remove the Meyer lemon (which is not a true lemon) so we are now dependent on the new one. The bean teepee is planted in it's place.

Yen Ben lemon flowers

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