Monday, October 23, 2017

Tomatoes are in

In fact I planted them last weekend. I went for a good old 'sweet hundred', so useful for salads etc and a 'black krim', the dark/black tomatoes are supposed to taste so much better. They have grown an inch or two already. I removed all the laterals below the first set of flowers on each plant. This is best done on a warm dry day with a very sharp knife to reduce stress and damage to prevent disease. I also planted them in new soil, also to hopefully prevent disease. I am still hoping to get one called 'early money', apparently a very good healthy producer that is finished before the end of summer when the psyllids and blights are in full attack. I've also planted four capsicum plants, some basil, yellow beans and a chili. So we're just about sorted for the season other than a couple of courgette plants :)

Two tomatoes between the brassicas

Small orange visitor

The new prunus flowering nicely

Cornus flower just out in the rain

The garden is nice and lush, spring is wonderful

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