Thursday, March 29, 2018

Brink of Easter

And the end of daylight saving :(
And we do get an extra hours' sleep in the morning and it will be lighter when we get up :)
But it will all be doom and gloom earlier in the garden in the evenings after work :(

I have to be out almost every day to keep up with the beans, six plants of  'bobbica Dalmatian beans' and they produce like mad. One of the plants grows yellow/red flecked pods, the others are all green up my tall bamboo poles in a tight pyramid crossing over like teepee poles 2/3 of the way up.

I have not been all that happy with my tomatoes this season, the sweet 110's weren't sweet and my black krims weren't black. The sweetness can be fixed by making the soil more alkaline apparently, adding bicarb of soda does the trick, something to test out next summer

Best thing grown this year is the rock melons, planted 10 seeds, lots of plants, so far three melons. Strike rate is terrible, but the one that has ripened so far was wonderfully juicy and tasty, actual laugh out loud while juices dripped down our chins. I had watched a couple of YouTube vids on to when to tell they are ripe, and then you leave 'em for another 2-3 days :)

I've planted 6 mini broccoli plants, some cool sounding peas from Kings Seeds, 'Carouby' and there are dozens of silver beet seedlings that will need pricking out, ready for the winter stuff.

Cylindrical beetroot are nice and fat and will need harvesting in stages, the capsicums are reddening and there has been an explosion of rocket and coriander in the patch near the shed.
The worm farm seems to be happy and we have been adding diluted worm pee to almost everything.

Chilies and beans

I removed all the young lemons from the yen ben to improve future crops

Rock melon cradle

most tasty juicy rock melon ever, 2 more to come
More beans :)

A small visitor

Not the native one, they have blue spots on their front legs

Garden friend on the dark Dahlia

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January is slip sliding away

And it's getting pretty warm especially at night trying to sleep  :(

Watering has been effective and easy with the weeper hose and the timer thank goodness. The plums are all off the tree and the backyard is calmer without the two families of blackbirds that have sat under the tree for the thud of a falling treat day in day out. We have to grab the plums
as soon as they fall or there are holes in the best bits. The sparrows have been pecking into the ripest cherry tomatoes that are high on the plants. I don' begrudge them too much, there are so many...

My biggest, not a record breaker but pretty good none the less  :)

Tomato ripening in the shed

Fortune plums looking lovely

We have made some lovely deserts with these, sliced in half on the BBQ with a drizzle of oil, some dark sugar and a cinnamon stick and/or a star anise and wait till they melt. Consume with coconut yoghurt

A posing garden friend :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Day 2018

Hopefully it will be a pleasant year.
Some of the tomatoes are starting to show colour now so I did my wee experiment of picking one of two identical tomatoes and putting it in the shed in the dark.

Two closely matching tomatoes

the same two three days later

It was interesting to see that the fruit in the dark was arguably redder than the plant one, and also that one was attacked by our hungry resident blackbird. So from now on I shall be removing any toms that show colour and ripening them in the dark.

A collection of ripening tomatoes on the shelf in the shed, I doubt if the really green ones will do it though, I cut them off by accident

Big Black Krim toms still on the plant

The bobbica bean teepee is now a tree

Capsicums getting larger

Carrots need pulling

Monday, December 11, 2017

Two weeks till Christmas

The beans have reached the top of their 2M teepee, and are starting to flower.

Ready for climbing up

Broccoli and cauliflowers all picked, now got to think of what to do with them, perhaps some pickled ones

The last pick

Digby Law cookbook options

Tomatoes have reached the top, heaps of sweet 100 flowers

Plums are beginning to colour up

Aubergine grows by the day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Officially summer

Lovely time for the garden, everything is still on the up. The broccoli and cauliflowers have had the largest heads taken, now we have to get stuck in and eat all this stuff. The beans have reached the top of their tall bamboo poles and have just popped out the first soft mauve flower

Tomatoes are getting larger by the day, so far, fingers crossed, they are remarkably insect/disease free

Black Krim fattening up

Mr Beetroot

Table under the plum tree

Plums are fattening, there's a hint of pink here and there

The weeper hose and water timer are a wonderful combination, and with the hose dug in and covered in some mulch you hardly see it.

I planted 2 sets of 5 rock melon seeds (as per instructions on the packet) a week ago and most have popped up, I will let some go up the trellis and some along the back of other plants, we shall see