Monday, October 23, 2017

Tomatoes are in

In fact I planted them last weekend. I went for a good old 'sweet hundred', so useful for salads etc and a 'black krim', the dark/black tomatoes are supposed to taste so much better. They have grown an inch or two already. I removed all the laterals below the first set of flowers on each plant. This is best done on a warm dry day with a very sharp knife to reduce stress and damage to prevent disease. I also planted them in new soil, also to hopefully prevent disease. I am still hoping to get one called 'early money', apparently a very good healthy producer that is finished before the end of summer when the psyllids and blights are in full attack. I've also planted four capsicum plants, some basil, yellow beans and a chili. So we're just about sorted for the season other than a couple of courgette plants :)

Two tomatoes between the brassicas

Small orange visitor

The new prunus flowering nicely

Cornus flower just out in the rain

The garden is nice and lush, spring is wonderful

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Officially October

Yes and it's all as springy as. Pulled out the last tender stem broccoli finally, they had come to an end. They did produce an amazing amount of food, there was always a bag in the fridge ready to steam or pop onto pizzas. We had some peas and young broad beans in a stir fry tonight :)

The potatoes needed support now, I have used bamboo poles and gardener's string

Staked potato plants

And the plums are getting bigger  :)

Fortune plum babies

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Daylight savings day

And the day after the General Election, the result is still very much in the air, hopefully it lands the right (by that I mean the left ) side up  :)

Did a bit of yard work, organizing paving and edges. Planted some cool sounding beans 'shiny fardenlosa' up a new trellis arrangement up the side of the garden shed. Not full sun, but I am crossing my fingers

New paving layout

Shiny Fardenlosa bean seedlings

Broad beans doing it

The bees seem to have done a stirling job on the fortune plum blossoms, there are tiny plumlets all over the tree

The jersey benne potatoes are growing very well, I'll soon need to fence them up soon to stop them all falling over in stormy weather. The new ones I planted last weekend are now just popping up out of the soil in front of the buckets

Jersey benne goodness

Monday, September 4, 2017

Proper Spring!

Yes September is the month that delivers, in lots of ways  :)

The fortune plum tree has unleashed it's blossoms onto the world, a wonderful display of plant sex, the tree just buzzes with bees as soon as the sun is out

The fortune plum in all it's glory

Monarchs sneak in for some blossom goodness

The potato plants are growing well, we got some compost/soil mix from The Good Garden Company and now I've mounded them all up. I figured brand new soil with no previous history of potato or tomato growing would be best to avoid pests and diseases. Fingers crossed.

Potatoes before and after mounding up

Monday, August 28, 2017

Spring is a hair's breadth away!

Yes, September is official Spring start, also when daylight savings start, though that is at the end thank goodness. Nice to get an hour extra at the end of the day but getting up an hour earlier in the dark will be a bit painful for a week or so.
The plum tree is definitely in spring mood already

The first Fortune Plum to pop

Hover fly doing it's duty

There will be many plums...

Flat peas are flat out a handful every couple of days, lovely in stir fries

Our new south boundary fence was finished yesterday, looking very naked

The potato plants are all up above the soil so I shall add more soil to almost cover them. Picking tenderstem broccoli every few days, heaps of lovely rocket for sandwiches, my carrot seeds are up and I have thinned them out (hate doing that, seems such a waste)