Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The start of the new tomato plant

I realise this is my first entry in 6 months, the start of a whole new summer season, lovely. Winter passed nicely, not too cold, we only really had one frost. Spring is lovely now, there are everyday new signs of growth.
Today I could not resist planting a lovely sturdy money maker tomato bought from Napier's Chantelle Organics :)

Money maker ready to make money

I have taken lots of flower photos though :)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The end of the tomato plants

Today was the day, the poor things were basically stalks with withering leaves and the last tomatoes were all showing colour. So I took the fruit off to ripen with the rest in the shed and removed the stalks and the horizontal support. Looks better, and making room for something else before it gets too far along.

The garden after the tomato removal


And the fruits of our labours, we have also frozen lots of reduced tomatoes with some oil and salt n pepper for pizzas and pastas A lot of effort in the heat of summer but we will love them later :)

Po chut(ney)

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hot summer day

Almost 30 degrees Celsius and far too hot to do much in the garden at all. I did however pull out the giant pile of bobica beans plants and got a last good last handful of beans from them. the smaller dwarf bean plants are still producing lots and they are finer longer ones and much nicer to eat, I soaked a handful of new seeds, a mix of yellow and green dwarf bean seeds in a saucer of water last week and some sprouted within 5 days of putting them in the garden. The tomato plants are all producing beautiful fruit and I remove them and ripen in the shed in the dark once they start changing colour. The birds start to peck holes in the ripe ones they can easily reach perching on the support. Plums are dropping a dozen a day and I have made a treehouse platform for the cat to try to curb the blackbirds' enthusiasm for them. We do get more than enough and have already made a desert batch of sauce and are preparing for a more Asian inspired plum sauce for things like BBQ ribs etc. There are a few rock melons forming on the trellis, looking forward to slurping on those soon :)

Truss tomatoes ripening ready to be removed to the shed

Plums on the tree

A healthy fortune plum

Yummy plum

Mitzi on guard in the plum tree

Rock melon shaping up

Garden nemesis 

Garden nemesis 2

A small red admiral on the rosemary

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A whole new year, 2019

And a warm new year it is, supposedly it is going to be 29C today. The tomatoes are all happy and now gently starting to show some colour, I have removed the lowest ones (the black birds peck into them when they can reach them) and they are ripening in the dark in the garden shed.They seem to continue getting redder even faster in there than on the plant. Beans need picking every second day and there are so many that we have to give bags of them to whoever turns up. The fine thin dwarf bush ones are the nicest (Mrs Fotheringill's dwarf bean banjo). The rock melon plants are beginning to creep up their trellis. There are still lovely potatoes (maris anchor)  to harvest, they do really well for boiling, roasting and in chunks in the BBQ amongst sausages or chicken pieces. We will definitely grow them again!
The plum tree is starting to sag under the weight of the fruit, it will soon be time to make sauces again.

Beans beans beans, Mrs Fotheringill's dwarf bean banjo
Tomatoes colouring up
Fortune plums getting close, another week or two till they are large and juicy
Maris anchor potatoes

Monday, December 17, 2018

One week till Christmas

And Saturday is the longest day, things are growing like mad, daily growth on the three sorts of beans and the plums are starting to blush. Tomatoes have reached to tops of their frames and I've nipped off the growing tips just above the last set of flowers. They say that five to six trusses high should allow that fruit to mature before the plants fall apart late summer. I must give them a quick copper spray before the tomatoes start to turn colour!
The rock melon seeds have sprouted nicely and are about to climb up their trellis :)

And a photo of Mitzi of course, she's a lovely garden companion/ornament

And some flowers at this time