Sunday, December 11, 2016

A new dawn

Suddenly it's a whole new world, my father Jeff has just passed away. I won't be able to show him my cauliflowers or the state of my tomatoes anymore :(

We have had rain and things have gone mad, the old prunus tree has fallen after I cut off the vine (which was weighing it down and also holding it up). Without it's shade we'll have to rethink that area, always nice to have a change. Major addition though is a new prunus variant one that forms a natural umbrella as well as having a stunning display of blossoms going from pink to white in spring :)
The tomatoes are doing well, I've pulled the broccoli, planted a few tomato laterals, a mix of beetroot seeds straight in the soil etc etc. It's a lovely time of year :)

Late evening tomatoes

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