Sunday, November 13, 2016

President Trump

And life goes on, the garden hasn't noticed at all, it's still a rampant display of growth and sex. I am going to have to make a bird proof cage for the boysenberries, the plant is huge with tons of berries forming. Planted another tomato, a generic truss grafted one that will be great for BBQ roasting. Also a genovese basil a tabasco chilli and two large capsicum plants already with quite large green fruit on ( feels like cheating) as well as half a dozen flat pea seedlngs at the bottom of the frame where the broad beans reigned supreme in their day

Two red capsicum plants ready to go
I mixed in a good measure of blood & bone mix to boost it all along when planting

Three tomatoes

The blackbird in awe at the black krim tomato

wow man

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