Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tomato imposter!

I have an imposter in my garden, a shapely strong tomato plant that was s'posed to be a magnificent Black Krim is actually a pointy ended Roma, not a problem, they're great in the BBQ but disappointing none the less

Not Black Krims at all

The Black Butcher tomatoes are seemingly the right sort, they are an early type, they say taking eight weeks to harvest. I looked up when I planted them, 25/10/16, they have week to go

Bloody Butchers colouring up nicely
These ones were tied on strings with all laterals removed, my truss tomato is in a cage, in theory it can be let go to grow heaps of fruit. The plant does look very strong, it's about to outgrow it's cage any day :)\

Caged truss tomato

Weeds next to the vege patch, I spared them with the mower :)

Leaning to the light

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