Monday, October 13, 2014

Green for Go!

Wonderful time of year and time of garden, the whole place is sprouting things.  A tub of mesclun lettuce sproutings, boysenberry growths, citrus trees all flowerings and sprouting forth. Plums fattening and there is already a tomato or two!

Roma tomato baby

Fortune plum babies fattening up

From under the plum tree

New/old cape cod chair
Planted 2 roma acid free grafted tomatoes and two different hot chilli plants. Went to the garden centre on Thursday to get first pick of the new delivery, rather than the last few stragglers on Sunday afternoon. There are a number of green houses now. Paving stones to absorb heat from the sun as well as hold in moisture should optimize growth (hopefully). The first tomato has already reached the top of it's stake and I've had to add side 'trees' to hold the laterals.

Chilli in the foreground

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