Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November already! Guy Fawkes Night in fact!

It's been a while since we had fireworks but we do get to hear them and see the odd one flashing past. The best one ever was a few years ago when the local public display down at the river front went up in one big bang. We did wonder why the display was so brief at the time. :)

I have one more tomato now, a small shrubby one that hopefully will provide trusses of medium sized fruit.
The plastic hothouse bags were off after a few days, tomato plants are wind pollinated so the flowers were not going to make babies. Growers have tomato plant vibrators that shake the plants and large hothouses have automatic systems to ensure pollination.
The mesclun lettuce seedlings grown from seed are starting to look like lettuce. Planted the beetroot seedlings and they look happy. Black beans are just starting to flower and we ate some peas from the pod today.
The plums are larger
plums after a shower of rain

seat garden bee
Terrible aphid  outbreak on the kale
They were on only one plant and I was able to very gentle remove the whole thing without spreading them everywhere.

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