Monday, September 22, 2014

Asking for it!

Against all better judgement and advice I still insisted on buying a tomato plant, a drafted cherry. It looked great, had flowers on it and was raring to go. There was no more danger of frost or anything I said. Duly planted yesterday and looking happy. Today we have just had a small hail fall.
However I had made it a light bag so the effect should not be too bad. This is made from the large plastic bags I have from my mat boards, any picture framer will have them. Four sticks and it's all good.

Instant greenhouse with a mat board bag
I cut a few slits in the bag to allow some airflow. I'll keep an eye on the plant to see what happens.
Bought some great new gardening shoes, Sloggers, very rubbery, seem to work well so far. :)


The peas needed a frame

Provencal peas preparing to ascend
 Kale like crazy

And there are baby plums and necterines to be seen

Tiny fortune plums

Nectarines just starting to show on the dwarf standard
Also planted a set of dwarf purple beans, supposedly one of the tastiest beans, they look almost black in the photo on the label. The radishes are up and I have ripped out all the broccoli plants to get ready for tomatoes and chili plants soon. Ringo Starr puts his longevity and good looks to eating broccoli every day. :)

Pretty borage

Hairy borage with edible flowers

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