Thursday, October 31, 2013

Much ado about lots

It's very Springy at the moment, everything is popping out shootlets and buds, everyday there is new stuff to wonder at.
Been busy thinning out the two rows of carrot seed into at least 100 nicely spaced plants that will be thinned out more as the small carrots get to a nice small edible size.
Made a frame for the beans and planted a few of the monstrance seeds in the gaps where some didn't come up. it will be interesting to see what they are like. Also a small frame for the Provence peas that are growing well.
Planted a Genovese basil, a Thai long thin mean chilli and a green courgette
The potatoes plants are bounding from the soil and the tomato plants have doubled in size and have flowers now. It's all go.

Potatoes in the foreground are doing well

Spring is lovely

Snowball tree at it's prime

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