Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting very Springy!

Oh yes it is, nice and warm and now daylight savings has kicked in it's starting to feel a bit summery. So much so that I've planted my choice of tomato plants already. Prudent gardeners wait for Labour weekend. Pfft!
Pulled out some leeks and beetroots and parsnips to make room in the middle plot. Have been growing tomatoes in the same place for too long, so new ground should be more disease free hopefully. Opted for a moneymaker, a beefsteak and a roma  for this year.

A couple of new rows of carrot seeds have sprouted and I've put in a new lot of scarlet runner beans.

A good harvest

Tomatoes all happy with paving stones for heat retention and as a mulch of sorts  

Potato plants rising from the mounds, even gave them more potato food
The plums are starting to fatten up

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