Monday, September 16, 2013

Preparing for potatoes

A pleasant weekend, mild spring. Removed the last of the brussels sprout plants, not really a great success, a lot of plant for a few smallish sprouts. Make note to not bother next time.
Added lots of compost and a whole bag of potato fertilizer to the potato bed all ready for next weekend when I think the tubers are ready for their big adventure! :)

Potato goodness, High Grade! Grrr!
Picked some of the new carrots to have in an old fashioned casserole and they were a good size already. Thinning them even further is good.

Picked two tomatoes! They were looking very nice on the plant

Winter/Spring tomatoes
A harvest of lemons after a bit of pruning

Lemons with friends
The beetroot seeds planted last weekend are up so I've taken the planks off them and let them get the light. Just had a good rain overnight so everything is happy.  :)

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