Sunday, September 8, 2013

A lovely spring weekend

All was good and nice in the garden this weekend, I have spread compost around the garlic and lots of other things, have pulled out the peas now as well as the last of the broccoli plants, there was a nice harvest of young peas and tender shoots of greenery for a few future meals. Now was the time to prepare the beds for the spuds which have been chitting nicely.

Swift potato chits
The silly self seeded  tomato that I've been keeping alive outside all winter is still happy and I've constrained it in a cone of wire, starting to colour up nicely.

Self seeded winter tomato
Harvested the last of the old carrots as well, some were lovely with the lamb shanks last night!   :)
New ones are starting to thrive now.

Last of the carrots

Planted 30 odd globe beetroot seeds in a nicely prepared bed and a tray of tobasco pepper seeds.

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