Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More beetroot and zucchini seeds

Never enough beetroot! Somehow we seem to grow root vegies well, the soil is fairly loose now and so they can go deep and wide without hindrance. Planted another nice row of  about 20 pre-soaked beetroot seeds (3 hours in a saucer of water) as well as 6 zucchini seeds (also wetted) in a handful of potting mix.

potato restraint, cunningly woven out of old trellis bits :)

We have a boysenberry plant, hopefully an interesting and tasty topiary,  it has replaced the mutabilis rose, now growing strongly from a piece of the stump in the plant hospital (in the shade by the shed)

Can't wait     

Lovely rocket flower

The dark veins are nice

Have now pulled all the leeks as they were all about to form scopes.

Lovely leeky goodness

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