Saturday, April 6, 2013

April planting

There as been the odd bit of rain in the last week and a promise of more today though none as yet. I was given an amazing storm resistant umbrella for Christmas and last week was the first time I had the chance to use it on the morning walk to work.
Pulled out the bean plants, they were at their end and a haven for white fly as well. Chopped all the horrible leaves off the courgette plants and they look much better, still producing a couple every few days. Had an  overgrown one last night cut in half and stuffed with tomato and herbs and feta cheese on top then roasted in the BBQ with some lamb steaks on the side, very nice!
Sowed a long row of parsnip seeds and petite Provencal peas in deeply dug soil with compost added. I firmed the soil by treading all over it then made a line with a length of doweling. Sowed the seeds fairly close together so I can leave the strongest ones to grow once they are up. Covered them with a gentle layer of seed raising mix and then laid planks on top before watering them. This will help keep the moisture level even until they sprout. I will check them everyday to see when the planks need to be removed.

Some general garden photos from the last few weeks

Asian paper wasp seeing off a bee on the carrot flowers
Honey bee homing in on a flower
Cabbage white on Lavender
Small visitor

Japanese anenome
NZ fantail in the titoki tree
monarch hanging on a birch twig

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