Monday, April 29, 2013

End of a long summer

Did all sorts of end of summer things this weekend, ripped out the last tomato plant, a lateral from the sweet 100 planted in spring. The photo shows how large this thing became, the tomatoes were a nice size for bbq roasts with peppers etc.

Sweet 100 lateral
Also picked the last peppers and removed the plants along with a madly flowering basil. This will allow more light onto the new plantings

final pick of peppers
I have planted a new row of carrot seeds as the current lot are getting oldish

a crowd of carrots
The peas are getting stronger and seedlings of silverbeet, onion and one florence fennel have all popped up from the seed raising mix. All the broccoli and brussels sprouts are growing well and soon the dreaded white butterflies will meet their fate at the first frost. Derris dust is winning in the meantime.

Garden in winter mode

winter garden calm
Going to try overwintering the chilli plant. Lifted it from the garden to a nice pot so it can live indoors. They say the plant can produce peppers all winter and will last 7 years or so and grow a big fat stem. Serious bonsai!

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