Monday, October 22, 2012

Labour day!

Three day weekend, always good. It was exactly one year today that I planted tomatoes. In theory frosts have passed and it's all upward and onward from now. I went mad and planted out a grafted truss tomato the same as last year as well as a sweet 100.
Truss grafted tomato and a sweet 100 amongst the silvebeet

Had to pluck some onions to make way for the capsicum seedlings

White onions and small leek

Planted 10 of the best potatoes that have been growing chits for weeks, put them at the bottom of a trench prepared with compost and chicken poo a week or two ago. Just covered them with enough soil and will fill up the trench as they grow above the ground.

All the beans are up

Green and yellow bean seedlings
The garden is looking lush, planted 6 capsicum plants some gourmet combo lettuce seedlings, as well as two rows of carrot seeds

View down the path
But for some strange reason we have not been able to figure out the magnificent rocket plant went limp this afernoon

Limp rocket, sounds very sad
Had a lovely first of season BBQ today though! Asparagus in a parcel, baked potatoes with garlic butter, fried mushrooms and bbq pork cutlets...

BBQ pork cutlets


Gwen said...

Jealous of all your plantings and the delicious bbq pics :) Hope your garden does really well this year.

Amy V. said...

Ooo, the onions look curious! Go tomato, go... ;)

Nigel Gnome said...

Thanks Gwen, the forecast is going for a hot dry summer, it's going to be expensive to keep it all watered. Mulch will be important.