Sunday, October 28, 2012

Early summer

Just had a couple of glorious days, little wind an ample sun. Even had BBQ 2 nights. :)

Pulled up all the large leeks, they were all going to flower and that means tough stems. Have put 4 black coral zucchini seeds in their place. I dug a good deep hole, popped in some compost and a few sheep pellets and filled it in, made a dent in the top, put in a hand full of seed raising mix, the four seeds then lightly sprinkled a layer of seed raising mix on top. Gave it a light water and put a terracotta saucer over them to keep them moist and also to warm things up. I put in four so I could keep the best one. Planted lots of small rocket and coriander seedlings around the garden. Noticed the first sign of the potatoes breaking above the soil today. Made good layers of grass cuttings, horse poo and shredded paper in the compost bin. I could feel the heat after a few hours.
Gave all the garlic a good liquid feed of thrive fruit and flower.

A pile of leeks
Leeks in a heap

Garden overview

View from the path through the hedge
Lovely red stems of the rainbow beet
Beet stalks exploding


Amy V. said...

Excellent, good work team! Will have to get some vegetables going at Chloe's new flat - they have a big backyard... :)

Nigel Gnome said...

Heck yes go for it team, urban veggies for the win!