Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bean planting

Put in one long row of beans and I interspersed yellow with green ones, from last years experience the green ones are better croppers, but the yellows are nicest eating.

yellow and green dwarf beans
The potatoes are chitting nicely on the window sill, almost ready for putting deep into their holes. I intend to dig a deep hole for each one and only just covering the potato till it shoots above the soil, then covering it again till it pops up etc. It's a good way to get the tubers growing nice and deep and hopefully there will be many babies.

Nadines chitting

I sprinkled a mix of white and red radish seeds where I have been spreading compost and goodness and the florence fennels are looking good, we've been enjoying the younger ones in salads already.

Florence fennel bulbs

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