Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer starts now, ready or not!

And it certainly did, a wonderful sunny warm weekend as well as being the start of daylight savings here. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun.
So did the garden.
Prepared a bed for the annual tomato plant, deeply dug in some sheep pellets and then gave that a big fat layer of new compost, full of worms and goodness. Had to make a chicken wire cover as the black birds were in there before my back was turned.

A few photos from today...

Lemon flowers fighting for attention

Pea plants fighting for position

Broccoli bursting into light

French tarragon thriving

Rocket flowering


Shyra said...

I just love lavender. They smell so lovely. Thanks a lot for the post. Love each photo.

Shyra @ Cheap Sheds PTY LTD

Nigel Gnome said...

Cheers Shyra!

I had a look at your sheds, they look great, pity we have no room for one. :)