Sunday, September 16, 2012

A rainy Sunday

We all have to play inside today, made for a lovely sleep in and a nice lazy day. Time for a garden dairy update.  :)
We have just had a couple of late but minor frosts, hopefully the last of this year, it feels like it's time to plant tomatoes and capsicums etc.

A 3d view of the garden, you have to cross your eyes to see the effect. (Some people can not do this apparently)

Cross eye 3D of the patch
Been adding sheep poo to the leaf growing things like the garlic and the silverbeet, then gave them a light mulch with grass clippings.

garlic with sheep poo and mulch
Nice photo of Mr Blackbird

Mr Blackbird

Freshly made lime and lemon marmalade

Rocket flowers

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Jill said...

I am very glad on your update. It is indeed a lovely post. I really want to learn to make some marmalade. Thanks a lot for the post.

Jill @ CheapSheds NZ Limited