Saturday, September 1, 2012

SPRING, it's official!

1st of September and it's now well and truly Spring, although this is not news to the garden. Things have been popping up and popping out all over everything. It really is the best season, everything is hope and bluster and more.

Had a very rite of spring afternoon this afternoon, we had fish and chips at the Ohiwa Oyster Farm and hokey poky ice creams from the Ohope Dairy.
Fish & chips the Oyster Farm

The Ohiwa Oyster Farm, on the road along Ohiwa Harbour on the way to Opotiki, also have nice smoked fish!
Ohiwa Oyster Farm

Yay for ice cream and the old classic hokey pokey is hard to beat!

Hokey pokey ice cream

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Celestine said...

It is indeed official! My favorite season. I so excited what will Spring bring us!

Celestine @