Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great use for leaves

Raked up leaves make a good mulch around the base of things like broccoli that need flowering food, whereas my compost is fairly nitrogenous as it gets lots of lawn clippings.
Looks good too, hopefully it will stop the soil from getting too cold when the frost come.

Droplets of water stay sitting on the florets for hours, liquid jewellery

Love the pea flowers, we have been picking the pods while still flat for use in stirfrys.

All the garlic planted earlier has now come up, the new lot will be another week or two.

I still have cat cages over them while they are still young. The lemons are looking very lemmony, first year for such a healthy looking crop

 Waxeye heaven, vegemite sandwich


Amy V. said...

Great looking lemons! Pity it isn't really G&T weather...

cabbage seeds said...

Green is a good sign.