Sunday, June 3, 2012

New snips!

It's officially winter, and to celebrate I went mad and bought a lovely pair of Joseph Bentley bypass snips, just for fine pruning work and flower picking etc. They are a joy to hold as well as having a very strong craftsman look to them...

Just put in a row of parsnip seeds, I prepared the bed by loosening the soil as deep as I could with the trowel and mixed in a couple of handfuls of general purpose Thrive granular fertilizer, then firmed the soil with a plank of wood (by standing on the plank) made a groove down the middle of the flat bit with the edge of the plank into which I carefully laid out a row of evenly spaced parsnip seeds. The used seed raising mix to lightly cover the seeds. Gave them a light watering and then covered the row with the plank of wood to keep it all moist and protected till the seeds come up in a week or three. The carrot seeds I sowed about a month ago are looking very strong and happy now. Haven't had much time for the garden as I've been busy painting the lounge/dining area. :)

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A1 Chandigarh said...

Oh that is SO pretty and creative! You know, if I wasn’t so durn busy with computer stuff, I’d take up quilting. You make it look very funBangalore Flowers