Sunday, May 20, 2012

More garlic!

There's never enough! So planted another 40 biggest fattest cloves today, so that should be almost 100 corms next summer. Very pleasing planting your very own fat cloves to grow even more.
Removed the large basil plant and the chilli , ended up with a nice bag full of green chillies to freeze for future green curries, yum.
Also liberated the broccoli from the butterfly netting, I think it's been cold enough the last few mornings to put paid to the white pest. The plants look very sturdy and are producing many stems from the leaf joints. Here's a photo with a few onions and leeks in the foreground, the new garlic bed under the wire, with peas and more leeks and the broccoli behind.

Lovely seedlings, beetroot, white forget me nots and broccoli


Not to mention the rainbow beet!

and a bell bird in the bottle brush tree

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