Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garlic planting on April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day yet!

Cousies in law's birthday even!

 End of daylight saving!

Yes indeed, two months earlier than previous years for planting garlic. Apparently the garlic grows for a couple of months, then goes dormant during the deepest darkest winter months, but is then already established with a good root network and the bulb size is much larger when it comes to the longest day. I planted two beds of twenty eight each using the fattest cloves from last year's harvest. Once the eggplants are done I shall plant another thirty or so to have enough to last through the next year as well as a supply of the best fattest cloves for planting out the year after.
Was never able to pant out any earlier as the new season's bulbs aren't available till near the shortest day. So having my own saved money as well as the early planting as well as being able to pick optimal cloves for planting!

The new garlic beds, mixed in  half a bag of Thrive general purpose fertilizer. Laid a crosshatch of sticks to make the planting easy with  just the right  spacing for optimal growth, about six inches it appears. and pushed them two inches deep. Covered them over and popped a couple of bird/cat repelling wire tents over them.

This posting is brought to you with the use of pinhole camera technology (i.e. no actual lens on the camera, just a pin hole in thin metal).
That's why they are a bit 'moody' and 'arty-ish'...

The aubergines have been thinned radically, there were mad laterals going in all directions so I pruned them to the best looking stalks. It opens the plants out nicely and will help in bug control. Broccoli tent in the background.

Made a dodgy pea frame from some chicken wire and bamboo, hopefully the peas will appreciate my thoughtfulness and actually make use of it.

Fertilized the three citrus trees today as there was there was a darkening in the sky threatening rain, nice if it happens.

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