Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out tomato out!

Enough tomatoes already, the last few turned orange-ish so out they came.
Quite a mission actually chopping the plants into bits as well as taking the frames apart and cutting all the bits of stretchy cloth I had used to painstakingly attach the plant to the frame as it grew. Amazing what those small plants I nurtured for 5 months or so finally came to. At least 450 tomatoes at a rough guess. A good glut and the pantry is full of chutney and sauces. I'm sure we will miss them being so at hand and bounteous.

The last tomato harvest for 2012

Now that I have clear space I will be planting my fattest cloves of garlic, according to a local garden guru the sooner the better, if it starts to grow before this winter it's like having a double growing cycle and they should be extra large. The shortest day/longest day is for the Northern hemisphere he says. We shall see.

The pea seeds are all up, not bad in a week, and I must make a frame.
Enlarged the netting house around the ever expanding broccoli plants as well as giving them a side dressing of wood ash, it's s'posed to make them grow tight heads. Sounds like rugby.
Took out more loopy laterals from the aubergines, there are 30 odd that may make it to eating size, actually the smaller the nicer seems to apply with these.

There are white onion and fennel and white forget me not seedlings all reaching for the sky, new life at the beginning of winter is nice.

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