Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time for the summer garden

It is Labour Weekend, officially now it's warm enough to put in the summer plants. Best gnome daughter and I ventured to the garden center to choose a couple of tomato plants. We were both astounded with the selection of plants available now, easily over 40 different types of plant from strange purple and wrinkly orange types to beefsteaks and romas as usual. I choose a good sensible grafted truss tomato ( same as the wonderful one I had 2 years ago) and a supertom Kakanui Choice which apparently has a wonderful flavour.
Also scored a large wildfire chilli plant (already has chillis on it) and a couple of genovese basil seedlings.
Here they all are ready for planting, I thought a shot like this is good for remembering what was  planted and how they looked.
Their labels

Now I need to clear space for them all, I am reluctant to pull up the leeks and peas as they look so nice and abundant at the moment.

The Potato plants are starting to show flowers so hopefully tubers are forming under ground like mad

The temperature has risen markedly in the last few days so growth will really start to get a hurry on, it's an exciting time of year!

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