Sunday, October 30, 2011

Late october/ mid spring/ early summer

It's a good time in the garden, it's all promise and bluster, even the aphids are only just making an entrance. Planted 12 sweetcorn seedlings in a bed of their own,'florida stay sweet' deep yellow colour with a sweet flavour, at 3-4 cobs a plant, that's a lot of corn! Yum!

I gave them a tent to stop cats birds and whoopsy daisy from disrupting the babies

The tomatoes are happy, they have shown growth and extra flowers


Put out 16 white onion seedlings we have been have raising.
Killed the pea frame and it's increasingly diseased hangers on.

Planted a great looking tree, 'eddie's white wonder' saw it in Rotorua flowering wondrously all around the old post office building. Pulled into to Palmer's on the way home and the person we asked knew it instantly and was very enthusiastic. Nek minute      $45 tree in car...

at the moment its pretending to be a stick, this may take a year or two.

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