Monday, October 17, 2011

Painters have Painted!

So normal peaceful life can resume around the garden, the last few days have been the painting of the windows and doors, so all of them was were wide open with heads and legs to be seen from any one at any time. like living in a fishbowl Mrs Gnome was heard to exclaim (not really).

I noticed today the first bean is just nudging out of the ground, planted them last Sunday just before a day or two of rain, not ideal as they should be planted into moist soil and not watered for a few days to avoid them rotting etc. But all seems good. At this time of the year everything is bounding out of the soil, almost time to plant a couple of tomatoes!

The plums have set well and there are many along all the branches

The garlic leaves look nice in black and white

Had to support the potatoes, the heavy rain hammered them down, also gave them a mulch of grass clippings and dried leaves from the driveway, keeps the blackbirds at bay a bit. There is serious nesting an egging going on, any bugs, slugs and snails better beware!

Lovely bluebells

And clivia

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