Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy weekend house fixing

There are unwashed workmen about the house, they paint and paint and paint, it's wonderful and seems to go quite fast. During the weekend I realized that there was the odd hole in the house that needed patching before they came to those bits. Quite a buzz when I manage to find just the right bit of wood to patch perfectly. Then to use my fixit skills to fill the gaps and make it all look as one.
Some woodcurls

The garden has been growing wonderfully, there is day by day change, the snowball tree is hinting green and the forest pansy is popping tiny deep red leaves.

We had a risotto with one of the leeks, it was pronounced very white and large and leek like!   :)

Left a couple of spring onions (now the size of leeks themselves) to got to flower, got this big fat bumble bee going about his business

 A young pea showing it's promise

Chopped down the large broccoli and left these new sproutlings that are erupting from around the roots of the old plants. You can see the stumps of the big plant in the foreground. The new ones look very nice and fresh and should provide another harvest or two of tender florets

A first harvest of beetroot this season, they are lovey roasted with other vegetables!

Starting to make room for a couple of tomato plants in a week or two...

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