Sunday, September 4, 2011

A very pleasant spring Father's day

Glorious weather and signs of growth everywhere, I detect tiny bits coming from the stem bumps on the chilli pepper stumps, the forest pansy bush is hinting pink on it's nubs,  the plum blooms are looking crisp and hopeful

It's good to see the almost immediate response to the fertiliser, everything has definetaly shown a jump in growth. The sun is climbing higher into the sky at a faster rate now, (it does go faster at certain times  during spring and autumn), and now the second row of potato holes are in sunlight.
Today one small dark potato sprout popped it's first leaves out so all is well. Always nice when it works out (so far).
Planted out the silver beet seedlings in several spots around he garden.
Had a nice picking of broccoli sprouts and a few of the early peas. I have been using a very sharp small knife to gently remove the largest sprouts, being careful to leave 2 small lower side sprouts to grow.

The spring onions that look more like leeks have now begun to form flower lumps, they look like they are going to exlode into something spectacular

The forget me nots were begging to be noticed...

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