Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby World Cup gardening

Go the All Blacks!

But yes life goes on I'm afraid, and Saturday was a stunning day, the whole garden feels like it's on tip toes just ready to go. There are buds and green bits on everything, from the  over wintering chilli plants to the new lime tree. I went mad and lifted all the bricks in the old vegetable garden, everytime it rained the path was the deepest part of the flooded bit, not really what it's there for. My back has suffered but it does look much more better now! Plus it used up a bit more of my gravel pile.

all the potato plants have poked their leaves up from their deep holes and more soil and compost have been tipped in to cover them all up again. I can only imagine the wonderful harvest there will be in this lovely loose environment. (I hope!)
Trying to decide if we need more bricks to make things look more complete..
Rough mock ups say yes really, with a different path in the vege garden itself.

view 1
view 2

The effect of the fertilisers I have been putting around the plants has been very dramatic, the leaves of the corriander and the silverbeet are so thick and shiney,  the parsley and beetroot are exploding from the ground.
Picked another large bag of broccoli sproutlets in the rain today, they just don't seem to stop, in fact there seem to be new sproutings erupting from the base of the 6 original plants, interesting to see what they turn into. the excitement of vegetable growing!

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