Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brick work

Got stuck in and sorted the new brick area leading to the vegetable garden, just the sort of nice wee job that only takes one weekend and minimum money but makes a major change to the way the garden looks and functions.



The reality and the mock up, pretty close I recon

Gave the potatoes a good side dressing of Thrive all purpose granular fertilizer then after mixing that into the soil I covered them over again with more compost and soil, these surely will be the most astounding pototoes in the world!
The garlic and leeks and beetroot are looking wonderfully healthy, I can't keep up with all the rocket, I eat it picked straight from the patch and onto cheese sammies and whatever, yum. Getting excited about planting tomatoes soon, how sad is that?

There are definite signs of growth amongst the nubs on the chilli and capsicum stalks, things are surely warning up!

Mrs gnome did the front lawns whilst I was wrestling bricks...

The forest pansy bush is starting to blossom, it's such a beautiful thing, from blossom to final leaf fall it keeps changing and surprising, always stunning.

 The Korean akebia vine at the back door is in it's prime at the moment, tons of new fresh buds and some older ones giving the rich burnt red colour

Lovely after the shower of rain

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