Sunday, August 28, 2011

A trip to Thornton on Sunday

Another wonderful weekend very balmy reaching 18C. Took a drive to the Thornton river mouth this afternoon, still a bit chilly in the breeze off the sea,  it looked nice and old post cardish...

Looking back up the river to Putauaki

Did good deeds with blood and bone for the nitrogen lovers, the garlic especially, and general purpose thrive for the flowering things. The problem with blood and bone is that the blackbird thinks there are huge smelly worms under the soil and flick it all over the place. Here is a thrush looking for snails and grubs, there will be a feeding frenzy around the garden soon when they all have nestlings.

I do like the pea tendrils, I made them a nice new frame today, it's very pleasant to pick a fresh pea as you pass. They remind me of kowhaiwhai patterns.

Beetroot and garlic getting a gentle watering, after mixing the fertilizer into the soil this will help get it to the plants and settle the soil down.

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