Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long time no post!

It's been a while, not too much to say, we've had a long damp period and all that's been done is basic upkeep. There have been visits and coming and goings as well so it was great to have this fine patch leading up to the weekend to get some essentials done. Spraying the outside paved areas with 30 seconds moss and mould remover was the prime task as it needs the area to be quite dry to encourage the grunge to absorb the bleachy stuff greedily. They seem to die almost instantly and I was able to water blast the worst bits quite quickly.
The garlic has grown really well and the broccoli side shoots can be harvested every few days. We planted three new rosemary babies around the patches.

The garlic


Applied a dressing of citrus fertilizer around the drip line of the lemon bush. Pruned the standard ice berg rose and the last of the hydrangeas.


Russell Sprout said...
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Russell Sprout said...

Great strike rate Nigel!!!
-Russell Sprout-

Chemical Based or Earth Friendly Mold Remover said...

wow... you have a lovely garden.. keep on posting