Friday, July 1, 2011

The garlic has risen

Yes, despite sitting under water for a day or two the garlic has all come up very strongly so we should be in for a good crop in 6 months time!
Here's a shot out of the window

and here's a close up today, they do look pretty healthy and happy and a 100% strike rate. In the background you can see the stumps of the chilli plants under their super market frost protection units and then the broccoli behind them.

Now that the cold weather has arrived here's a great way to carry firewood into the house with a re-useable supermarket bag:
(click on it for a larger version)

And a photo of the creature that follows me around


Amy V. said...

Go, the garlic! Glad the traditional vege-garden flood didn't mess with it. Like the high-tech frost protection units. ;)

Anonymous said...

Loving it all Nigel gnome. Especially the firewood carrier bag. We have one now!!!