Sunday, August 21, 2011

A beautiful early spring weekend

The sun was shining and there was blue from one end of the sky to the other, just lovely. The pink blossom tree was looking a treat and was visited constantly by monarch butterflies and wax eye birds

a waxeye in the prunus blossom

small waxeye in the prunus blossom

incoming monarch

I found my old gumboots in the shed, amazingly useful for damp jobs (like cleaning the new car), I had forgotten I owned such handy things. They are showing their age but still functioned well.

My old Redband gumboots
 I had to take another shot
long shadows from short gumboots

 The french early peas are starting to produce, though only enough for a snack now and then

tender pea flowers and lovely tendrils

french peas

The broccolli just keeps delivering, these young shoots are delicous steamed with a grate of nutmeg

fresh young broccoli sprouts
a tall one from the side garden

tall head of brocolli

these seedlings are starting to look good, the lengthening days are starting to make a difference

silverbeet and beetroot seedlings almost ready for planting
 I finally got the spuds planted this weekend, all six of them! I had three really nice black potato sprouts and made three out of these nice white ones.
happy potato sprouts ready for planting
 I dug six spade deep holes spaced well apart (that's why there are only six) and heaped the soil next to the holes. I put a cople of inches of compost in the holes and out the potato pieces sprout side up on top, then coverd them with a couple of inches of the soil.

potaotoes in their holes

the potato holes coverd on wire to stop dogs/cats/blackbirds from doing damage
 once the sprouts start to emerge from the bottom I will keep adding more soil to keep them covered to get nice deep tubers forming.

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