Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tidy time

Winter is gently edging in, I was a good gnome today and cleaned all the dreaded build up of soot in the chimney. Great risk to life and limb with ladders and long poking equipment. Extra cosy fire ensued.

A weekend of tidying and sorting things out. Pulled out the bean plants, they had come to their end and now that bed can be prepared with some blood and bone and compost for garlic planting. I think there are few things that are worth growing as much as garlic and chillies, you use them the whole year with easy almost fail safe storage.
The broccoli has now formed nice small heads

Weeded the leek patch and they are looking twice the size they were. Planted seeds of beetroot, silver beet and white onions. The new pea seeds are up and looking strong and determined, as are the whispy seedlings of the carrot and parsnip planted last weekend.
Ran about with citrus tree fertilizer as rain clouds loomed overhead, just managed to get it forked in around the drip line as the drops came down.

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