Sunday, May 8, 2011


and a lovely day it was, a peach tart and lemon cupcakes and all!

The dreaded duck hunters even managed to constrain themselves thankfully, unlike Saturday morning (opening morning) when it sounded as though they were at the end of the bed (well almost).

The sun even shone, after days of rain it was nice to be able to get out and do stuff. Planted carrot and parsnip seeds in two neat rows and covered the rows with planks to keep them moist and cat free till they germinate. Spent a fair bit of time digging the area very deep, to at least a spades' depth making sure it was finely tilled so the roots would be able to get down deep.
Spread a fair bit of lime amongst things to stop the soil from clogging. It gets leached after all the rain. Removed the netting from the broccoli plants as I haven't seen a cabbage butterfly for about a week, the plants look wonderful. with almost no blemishes. The peas have just pushed clear of the soil, and I picked another handful of lovely butter beans.
Planted the mini silverbeet into the large tub

Mini daffodil (pressie for my Mum) and we haven't even had winter yet, what can it mean?


Willie said...

Lovely daffodil, we are most jealous! I bought some new herb seeds today, but my weeding efforts flagged early on... :p

Willie said...

Ooops, still logged in as Willie. I'm sure you know it's moi. :p