Monday, May 2, 2011

Mayday Mayday!

Wow, 2nd of May already!
Pulled out all but two of the capsicum plants, they were not turning red anymore so out they went. Still got about a dozen green peppers off them so we'll have to find something nice to do with them, unfortunately it's the red ones that we much prefer. I did get a good bed ready for the garlic season, we intend to plant them as soon as some good bulbs become available, I don't think you need to plant them on the shortest day, in fact the sooner the better to get really nice fat bulbs by the longest day.
A photo of the harvest from the weekend, still picking heaps of lovely yellow beans as well as the last of the current carrot crop.

Planted out some nice rocket seedlings, as well as some petit provencal pea seeds,( a heritage variety that can handle the cold) and also some of these cute bonsai pak choi plants (look for all the world like small silverbeet). They should be nice for a winter green stir fry with lots of soy sauce and garlic!

The broccoli is looking very strong now that we've kept the dreaded cabbage white butterflies at bay with the bird netting.

I was a very good gnome indeed in distributing the compost that was ready around the garden as well as turning the current lot over into the vacant bin, an amazing amount of sweat was involved in the herculean task! Now we can start a new one again, which will probably be ready for spring now that the cooler temperatures slow the process.

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