Monday, April 25, 2011


A rainy 4 days holiday, very pleasant and a bit lazy. :)
Managed to do a few things around the garden during fine patches though.
Pulled out the green beans, they looked blotchy on the leaves and weren't flowering anymore. Still got quite a few beans from them when I stripped them down.
The leeks have very much survived their strange planting and are thriving, some of the holes have filled in already as the gutters were overflowing onto them. I was on the roof the next morning risking life and limb clearing the gutters with a small spade and bucket.
Now that the broccoli are under their cosy nets they are getting to be strong healthy, non holey specimens. The onions are looking pretty

Picked a couple more huge red peppers, not too sure whether the rest will get to turn red. We don't use green ones much.

The forest pansy is looking lovely in it's autumn coat, three leaves on the grass...

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