Sunday, May 29, 2011

The end of May

Lovely weather for the whole weekend, nice to dry out after the rain we have been having. A large branch came down from the titoki tree in the gusty stormy night. I gave the jasmine hedge a serious trim so that you can get to the car with out being entangled in vines. Raised the stepping stones that were under water during the worst of the rains. Re-arranged the bougainvillaea along the pergola so that it will be most wondrous when it goes mad again.
26 detroit dark red beetroot seedlings were planted as well as half a dozen triple curled parsley plants. Removed the last basil plant, poor thing and I have been eying up the chilli plants, you can see they are at the end of their tether. Have to remember to just cut them back to survive winter so they will be away strong and fast in spring, I pulled them out last year not realizing they are perenials. Garlic seed stock is due any day, been bursting to plant some.
Some shots of the patch, the broccoli need their middles picked and eaten, there are small side shoots already.

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