Sunday, March 6, 2011

March, late summer?

Early autumn?
They say it will be a warm and gentle autumn, sounds good to me. There are still many tomatoes to ripen on the big plant. Sauces and chutneys and passatas have been made and more will follow hopefully. The chillies have been producing like mad, I pick a small handful daily.

Disease and fungus is a problem as everything ages. It's all part of life and the universe it seems.

Spotteds a bright friend on the edge of a cucumber flower

And the chillies on the black plant look wonderful now

We have new beans doing well and all is good

As I am writing this we have just had a random hail storm, it finished as quickly as it started thank goodness, but it does explain why the temperatures dropped this afternoon.

A view of the new radishes, beetroot, yellow beans and green beans,

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