Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, after a nice weekend

Still lovely and warm and late summery.
In spite of the earthquakes in Christchurch and the disaster movie being played out in Japan live is pleasant here. Almost feeling guilty.

We have had BBQ's and friends and family. Lovely indeed!
The tomatoes are still firming and reddening on a daily basis, it's a job to keep thinking of things to do with them. One favourite is passata, a simple tomato and garlic sauce that can be kept in sterilized jars for quick sauce for pasta or pizza.
Passata recipe
Although we didn't bother putting it through a sieve or anything, lumps are good.
I pick a daily small handfull of red chillies, lay them in a single layer an a plastic lid in the freezer and pop them into a tupperware type container when frozen the next day. we have three containers full already this season. More than enough for the year. They are nice to use frozen, they chop up better than when dried as well.

We went mad and bought another citrus, a bearss lime, nice useful green/yellow fruit.
We hope.
Planted broccoli (tender stems) and leeks are about to be put out. Been reading about poking a hole in the ground and leaning the leek in and watering gently. The idea is that the hole fills itself gradually and naturally to keep the bottom of the leek nice and white as it grows.
Shot of the radishes in front of the beetroots in front of the yellow beans in front of the green beans in front of the chilli plants etc etc

a bucket of tomato pickings

a gnome risking life and limb on a ladder picking a peck of the above

these roma ones are wonderful sliced onto bread and cheese with a dribble of mayonaise and a good grind of black pepper

and last but not least a shot of the queen of the garden


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