Saturday, February 19, 2011

A very mid summer weekend.

A lovely summer's day, hottish, about 24C and still and calm. So nice in fact we may be off to Otarawairere beach tomorrow!

The garden is producing nicely, almost daily picking of a dozen chillis, I have been placing them straight from the garden onto a plastic tray in the freezer and snap freezing them, then pop them into an airtight container.
These are some unusual coloured chillies that are fine to use and reasonably hot apparently

The tomatoes are doing very well,

we have made a huge lot of butter chicken sauce to freeze, also a simple sauce called passata, keeps for a month or three and can be used for pizza or pasta.

Have planted yellow dwarf beans and a new lot of beetroot seedlings, some coriander and a row of radishes.
Thinking about planting leeks for winter, scary...

In the meantime, some watering needs to be done regularly...
shot taken at 8000/sec

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GardenLibrarian said...

What a splendid blog full of a joy of a vegetable garden.