Monday, November 15, 2010

Gardening and house cleaning

I have a holy glow after cleaning the grubby side of the house, ready for stopping and filling and, gasp, painting, yes, with actual paint!

Though it all may take a wee while before it's all done and dusted...

The leeks have been trying to flower, their scopes look great amongst a flower arrangement.

They make the leeks go woody so it's time to rip them out and make the most of them. Also pulled out all the rocket plants, they were producing more flowers than leaves now, need their space for more yummy beetroot, long ones this time.

The sweet peas Amy and I planted ages ago are now finally coming into their own, lovely with the backlight.

I've put in the tomato frames, at least the short versions so far, though I don't think these two are going to be quite as rampant as last year's lot.

We have beans sprouting, new rocket and 4 rows of radishes all bursting out of the soil. The blackbirds are loving the compost I so carefully put between the rows of garlic, damn their orange eyes.

Managed to find a place that sells weber parts in NZ, so I've been busy polishing the old black smoker to a wonderful sheen, complete with oil on the wooden handles and a brand new 'one touch system' to control the airflow. Looking forward to the first official burning. It looks so cool and retro. Haven't used it since 2004...

Hazel enjoying the sunlight

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