Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guy Fawkes weekend

There was no public firework display here this year because it all went whoosh in one go last year, luckily no one was hurt too much.

But it was a pleasant weekend, the weather behaved rather well and Sunday was a stunning spring/early summer day.
Sowed seeds of Hailstone and Cylindra radishes (nice for a snack whilst prowling the garden).
Also a couple of rows of good old phaseolus vullgaris (common bean). A small bed of rocket and a few more coriander seeds completed the picture.
Hazel posed for a shot (click on the photos for the larger versions)

An overview

The roma tomatoes are getting bigger, but there are no laterals, these may well be the sum total...

I pulled a few of the onions to male room for the new rocket bed, the ones that are left look very strong and nice

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