Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long time no blog

Today's harvest, a white onion or two, a few half ready roma tomatoes, some odd carrots and an early garlic...
I'm sure a good bbq'ing will make sense of it all

Click for big.

Things are basically going whoosh, everyday new tendrils are forcing their way into the world.
I had a great time today nipping out all the small laterals on the tomato plants, all laterals below the first flower bracht should be removed, a small sharp vegetable knife does this very well, it also saves your finger turning black from the tomato plant juice!
Went mad and chopped down the navel orange tree in the middle of the back lawn, after all this time and thousands of flowers it still didn't set any fruit. Today it went ta ta.
It will be replaced with a Santa Rosa plum, the perfect pollinator for the other Japanese plum, the fortune. It has only set 30 or so plums this spring, but with another tree we should be swimming in plums in a year or so.

Herb area getting some satisfaction

The tomatoes are starting to get serious again, I will have to extend the frames soon

Drops of water from the sprinkler are stuck in mid air, I used a very fast shutter speed.

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