Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long time no blog!

The hydrangeas are pretty in their decay, this one started as a white one.

Well there hasn't been all that much of note happening in the garden of late. The carrot and parsnip seeds I planted last weekend are just peeking up. All the beetroot are growing happily and look rather pretty with their red stem and dark green leaves.
Finally we are starting to get a few of the chillies starting to go red, though I have read that as long as they are at a mature size they are ready to be used. The flavour of the red ones is better apparently, but they say there is no difference in hotness.

We had a pretty major clear out this weekend though, went mad and took all the orange and green tomatoes off the plants and then pulled them out. Then set to and gave the soil a loosen-up and proceeded to plant about 5 rows of 'california early red' onions (a slightly squat shaped red one with white flesh. A punnet of golden broccoflower and one of brussels sprouts were also planted out, all spaced well apart to give them room to grow. Then moved the existing silverbeet down the garden and we will plant a new lot over in the old vege patch as well. We noticed they used to wilt quite a lot in the full sunlight they were in, so hopefully the new shadier spots should be kinder to them. So the whole thing is all looking a bit bare but should soon be full of new things to eat.

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